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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine

I reached the new year
The thaw snow-removal work progresses in the Hagurosan, too, and the snow-removal work is pushed forward to be able to perform the worship in front of Mikami enshrining of more than two deities.
Even Yudonosan performs the snow-removal work, and the snow removing is carried out smoothly now. I push forward the snow-removal work to be able to perform Yudonosan worship in the end of April in this year,
The Gassan makes a preliminary inspection by the end of April, and, toward founder feast day on July 1, preparations are held.
I erect sen*do next to Haguro guardian spirit of a mountain sanctuary newly in this June and have a Buddha statue enshrining on the first floor of the museum move now and worship you. In addition, I prepare for the latest Buddhist cuisine this year in the Hagurosan Shinto priest-purification shelter and become able to accept the night meal.
I look forward to the next mountain of many of you now as it becomes the staff bullet and pushes forward preparations for a mountain in summer.
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