News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine

About Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu, Tahara Shrine worship between the winter season
Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu of this year was closed on September 18.
In addition, 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point Tahara Shrine was closed on October 1.
The Shinto priest descends a mountain, and the main shrines of the Shinto shrine become the winter clothes, but can go and worship.
But I would like the inquiry about the traffic in each administration as the gate of Hagurosan area entrance, the Shizu Tsukiyama area entrance is blockaded every year from the middle of October to the end.
In addition, Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu founder festival will look forward to worship of many of you next year every year on July 1 as it is done saiko.