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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine  

About the acceptance of the Hagurosan Shinto priest-purification shelter (update)
The eating and drinking services in the Dewa Sanzan Shrine Shinto priest-purification shelter form a line and, in response to announcement of the new coronavirus infected person confirmation in the Tsuruoka-shi, restrain myself from accommodation duties until from Monday, April 6 to Wednesday, May 20.
I cause worshipers trouble, but hope that I have it be understood.
(May 19 update), for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, should limit a reservation of lunch about the eating and drinking service of the Shinto priest-purification shelter for the time being on eight sets of days (in the case of a group around 30). In addition, I restrain myself about the accommodation duties until the end of June.
Depending on status and a country, the policy of the prefecture, please note that you may not accept a reservation.
In addition, I carry out ventilation and the sterilization in the hall thoroughly for prevention of infection spread, and the employee wears a mask, too.
I would like the wearing of the mask after use of alcohol sterilization installing in the entrance on the use in all of visits.
Conventionally, a business form changes and I apologize for the inconvenience, but hopes that understanding has you cooperate to all of use a lot.
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