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The Miyama Star Festival

With the Star Festival

When a star, all existence of the heavenly bodies and the movement had an influence on an animal and the plant including the human being who lived on this earth in the sun, a month, the people believed it from ancient times.
There are good and bad luck and the destined logic to entrust the star with a human fortune in mountaineering asceticism.
I pass an accommodation day, and, based on opinions such as (operation to tell the good and bad luck of fate and the thing of the person by the Big Dipper, nine days, twelve constellations of the zodiac, twenty-eight solar stages of the zodiac), *jo does misfortune, and it grows arrogant by happy longevity to worship a star and has an intention to hold a service for these. I call this a star attendant or the Star Festival.
Generally, in the case of a natural disaster, I kept Hokuto law and Myouken law and twelve constellations of the zodiac and the twenty-eight solar stages of the zodiac belonged to other star attendants and were worshiped. (than a part "mountaineering asceticism dictionary" quotation)
※Myouken faith
I divinized the polestar as a representative of the constellation. It is called the polestar, sonhoshio, a Buddhist saint of the North Star and I protect a country and avoid an enemy except an evil, and it is said that I add to the happy longevity of people. The Big Dipper is followers of the Buddhist saint of the North Star, and kansei does this, and there is Hokuto law in the ascetic practices to prevent troubles except the evil of extraordinary phenomena in heaven, the epidemic. It is a festival to crunch a bad star, and to invite a good star to after a mountaineering ascetic inviting Myouken to the festival of Myouken, and having felt that self is united with this ("a mountaineering asceticism dictionary")
※The polestar faith
The polestar which is in the northern sky, and is said to that is immovable of the space it is the thought in the China ancient times that is centered, and unify space as an emperor car in the Big Dipper turning around around oneself regularly with a period of one year. In other words, as for the Big Dipper, a phase is in a relation of the closeness with the polestar immediately each other. I show that it is space God, Taichi (in purple slight fence, Japan where the Lord of Heaven family lives in the residence of the Emperor) in "Historical Memoirs", and the Emperor great emperor is divinization of the polestar. The character of the child means old and new changes with understanding it on a day and one and is elephant will of "ji ru". As for the Emperor life, it is resolved shugo by everlasting life of the polestar, and it is said that I am born and inherit the virtue of "the star of the child" ("the twelve signs of the zodiac")

Hagurosan and star

Hagurosan Five Storeyed Pagoda enshrined a triumvirate to assume gun*rimeio and a Buddhist saint of the North Star an attendant image of Buddhist statue (Buddha statue of gofu) to the dais for a Buddhist image of shoju as Hagurosan god deified in three shrines in Kumano district size honorific title of a Japanese god led by the original Goddess of Mercy who was a principal idol of the Hagurosan until the Meiji era. The Goddess of Mercy feels a voice for the help of the thing which straight kitoshi arranges and is believed as a Bodhisattva of this world profit to save this freely and carries a duty to suppress the evils that the departed soul does. gun*rimeio which goes, and is enshrined on the right side means immortality and protects it from the foreign enemies such as a natural disaster or the epidemic by strong power and carries a duty to control the south. In addition, the Buddhist saint of the North Star laid in state on the left side influences human life and death and vicissitudes and takes a duty to control the north. By the learning through the grapevine of the Haguro mountaineering asceticism, the Buddhist saint of the North Star made Big Dipper, gun*rimeio the Southern Cross, the original Kannon hataiyoo godhood, and does the central sun when it is the composition that the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross protect from the north and the south. ("metaverse of the mountaineering asceticism")

About sansanhoshisaisaiko

As you know, the infection spread of the new coronavirus does not come to yet watch an end, and the situation that our lifestyle cannot but change continues.
Buddhist monks worship a star in the Hagurosan from ancient times and are informed by Hagurosan Five Storeyed Pagoda national tranquility and ekibyo*jo using the magic of esoteric Buddhism of the Buddhist saint of the North Star who has been ever worshiped when they prayed. When I arrive,
saiko does "the Miyama Star Festival" from 7:00 p.m. on Star Festival of the old calendar and August 25, 2020 to be and prays for an end and the new coronavirus infection coming back to the usual life that is uneventfulness.
Unfortunately please refrain from the attendance of the general one by a corona evil, but you download the following application and, after filling out the requirements, attach money offered to God charges (2,000 yen ...), and please send it in money sent by registered mail if there is the hope of "the Miyama Star Festival individual prayer".
◎Prayer application
    It is addressed to a person in charge of 7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office Star Festival
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata
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