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Pine annual festival

Main festival event - pine annual festival [special act of God] ... of Dewa Sanzan Shrine

Pine annual festival 
I appoint it to the important cultural property of the country
December 31 [special act of God]

Prayer and the heat to entrust annual religious service with across passage of time
        [torch event] an act of God to cut and bring down new fire
I have the history of 1400,
The mountaineering asceticism that was born in Michinoku Dewa Sanzan,
While, with henkaesa of the times, taking much influence,
The essence is inherited ceaselessly.
I appear in the expression of all people engaged in Shinto ritual,
The pious prayer and heat across passage of time,
I convey the faith not to change of ancient people distantly in now.

 From the every year last day of the year light; because is devoted, and night is performed over coming New Year's Day, is a reason, sacred rites of the completion of a vow of the one "winter peak" of the peak in the four seasons of the Haguro mountaineering asceticism with a night festival in an another name year.
 Pine Saint two people which calls itself "a turning point" in "rank" are chosen from Toge, Monzen-cho district and work hard at the line of 100 days from September 24. I provide an altar the other day and pray to interest shop Saint ni * merareta staple grains for the satanophany of the rice soul and staple grains are fertile and pray for All the world is at peace. In addition, I go to the houses of the Shonai district as a mendicant of the pine and gather oblation of the pine annual festival and invite a day of the completion of a vow to get the expense of this festival from ancient times.
 gaaru where "Akira Daimatsu is round" which makes two Akira Daimatsu who modelled "the harvest bug" which the youth of the local district works as Shozan on December 30, and "a point step" know "the rank upper part" and pointed at the devil. After that all events take the upper part and the forms of the competition such as the superiority and inferiority, progress of the turning point this much, and they are pushed forward.

[pine Saint niyoru rope firewood]
They scramble for setsuko which cut a tsutsugamushi mite, and the precincts are surrounded in heat
[the rectification that Akira Daimatsu is round]
I restore Akira Daimatsu on a garden
[handling of rope]
Negotiations continue over a bellrope in hooku divided into a turning point in rank
[I vomit sand and hand it]
Dig the hole to put up Akira Daimatsu; "the sand comes", and confer o
[omen rope event]
Distance is measured in a snowy garden raining steadily by a superintendent of daimyo
[crow black kite]
A Buddhist monk divided into turning point competes with the rank upper part for the flying figure of the crow
[rabbit pane]
The rabbit which is considered to be an errand of Tsukiyama God
[Akira Daimatsu pull]
Akira Daimatsu is drawn on the garden by the signal of the fifth conch shell
[Kokubu act of God]
An act of God to establish a country in Shinto ritual on a garden that the midnight passes and is carried out in intense cold is performed
[the fire beat an act of God]
Act of God that graver ri gives new fire of the new age

[pine annual festival act of God log]

●3:00 p.m.Rope firewood (in a garden) I cut the rope of the big things and small things which I used for Akira Daimatsu who imitated a demon into pieces and sprinkle it.
●3:00 p.m.Great purification type (gathering)
●4:00 p.m.New Year's Eve festival (main hall)
●6:00 p.m.Main hall of the pine annual festival festival, bee child Shrine festival (main hall, bee child Shrine)
●6:00 p.m.I restore Akira Daimatsu who repairs it (in a garden), and was chopped by rope firewood that Akira Daimatsu is round.
●From 7:00 p.m. to 8:00There are the tactics over the bellrope which each youth head in the town block uses for Akira Daimatsu pull around a handling of each town youth head rope (hooku) blazing firewood fire.
●8:30 p.m.The youth whom vomited sand in youth belonging to rope deferred rope, in front of God, and handed it, and o in the libation (hooku) last year belonging to rope served "a rope deferred", serve it in to, this year; "is belonging to a rope"; to both persons a pine Saint; "the sand comes" more, and (ritualistic implements digging a snow cave) is conferred.
●About 9:10 p.m.The part of appearance, rules eyes (hooku) There is your order of the rules eyes that the actor called the superintendent of daimyo presses both Saint ohajime youths for the fairness of the act of God with an attendant.
●10:45 p.m."Crow black kite" "rabbit pane" is performed by 12 Buddhist monks whom both genkyo (main hall), Akira Daimatsu pull (in a garden) pines Saint ni is vested in. The rank upper part, a turning point person understand Akira Daimatsu pull (in a garden) with the fifth conch shell sequentially and be tied to Akira Daimatsu and pull four bellropes each, and become more attractive to a snow cave and burn it. By progress of this time, burning condition of the fire, I tell a good harvest and a big catch of the next year.
●0:00 a.m.Changing places with act of God (in a garden), noborishinsai (hooku) eastern country 33 countries of the Kokubu act of God, fire possess Haguro, and west 24 countries possess Kumano; Kyushu nine countries are acts of God of Hikoyama territory and the land surveying that established. An act of God that * ri gives the new fire of the year when the changing places with act of God of the fire is new sequentially. All is over, and noborishin does a flash of lightning with all prayer for both Saint ga 100 days.
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