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Crowd of mountaineering ascetics ... who are fragrant for Hagurosan, Dewa Shrine - history

Dewa Sanzan Shrine gathering

Acceptance facilities of the worshiper, excellent gathering appropriate for Shinto priest training school function multipurpose Dewa Sanzan which attached ceremony more were completed wonderfully on July 2, 1988 by the second floor above the ground, the first-floor total floor space 2,179 square meters gable-and-hip roof style dobanichibunjidan* under the ground, a function of conventional chokumusho.

Legend of a mirror-pond
It was old as Oike that was a mystery and gathered more faith without this elliptic Oike of East-West 38m north and south 28m being Mitarai Pond of the main hall, and water level almost changing through the year and was the center of the Haguro faith again. I let you write it in the ancient book with "Haguro Shrine" and read it with "ikenomitama", and I think about this pond with divine spirit itself, and the copper mirror which it is Oike that is a mystery given the ardent faith to, and was dedicated by people more than ancient times is that ** is considered to be it, and it is said with a legend of a mirror-pond.

Ogane (important cultural property of the country) of bell tower and Kenji

The temple is to the east of the legend of a mirror-pond and, with the thatch of the gable, it is small, but is a magnificent building. I rebuilt it in the oblation of the best family letter in 1618. It is an old building next to national treasure Five Storeyed Pagoda in Yamauchi. The bell has a signature of 1275 and, in the old temple bell, it is old next to Todai-ji Temple, Kongobu-ji Temple and is big. There are 2.05m in height (6 shaku 7 sun five minutes) of the bell body, shade-shaped 13cm in height (4 sun of four minutes), 68cm in height (2 shaku 2 sun three minutes) of the stem, and diameter 1.68m (5 shaku 5 sun five minutes) of the bell, thickness 22cm (7 sun of one minute) of lips are sum total 2.86m (9 shaku 4 sun two minutes) again.
The fleeting cloud length of the outer belt is very wonderful technique, and it shows a hobby of the current master of a home, and it is at all well rare in a place to see only to a bell of Haguro between the pond that *gen does the God's will and human affairs of the flight and pond rope as a boundary mark sinter among clouds. In addition, I see it to the bell of the Fujiwara period of the Uji Chinese phoenix temple, and, in the figure of God's will and human affairs, it is said that it dies out and does not see the example. As the vessels of the enemy all destroyed a cover by the function of dragon (nine King Ryu) of Haguro in the case of Mongolia invasion of Bunei, Koan as for this bell underwater, I have a pain, and the Kamakura Shogunate feels divine power of the Hagurosan and sends a bell carpenter from Kamakura, and it is said that I presented a bell to * te, Hagurosan in Haguro.


In (1641), the 50th daiten*betsuto, it was the pupil of the Amagai bishop of the east Enryakuji Temple which was a religion advisor of Tokugawa shogunate government in 1641 and reported to one of the condition to be converted to Tendai sect with Haguro pile by mediation of Hagurosan Kanjiyo of higashiterikengen.
The Amagai bishop worked on Tsuruoka lord of a castle Tadakatsu Sakai, and, as for the (1645) feudal lord, oblation did a main shrine in 1831.
It has been maintained jirai, the cause of the veneration protection of successive feudal lords.
Toshogu was changed to higashiterisha in the Meiji era, and I dismantled it in (1980) in 1980, and the current main shrine (three ken of five ken) was restored to the original state. I enhanced mountain authority by enshrining higashiterikengen in the mountains, and the aim of Kanjiyo of ten*betsuto was to make the relations with the Shonai feudal clan adding a degree of the strain these days a smooth one.


sen*do (the appearance)

I am completed as a building to enshrine Buddha statue Buddhist altar fittings of nihyakusuujuku in July, 2017.

I take the role to bind gathering and holding a ceremony for the dead together. The amount of company which had you write it than person of Shonai feudal clan Sakai stand 18s present head of a household Tadahisa Sakai of our veneration chairperson is raised, and a ceiling picture dragon-head gargoyle of the painter Yuki Kato window calligraphy is decorated on a ceiling.


sen*do (introspectiveness)

In Dewa Sanzan, the Hagurosan served pile in Buddhism under the pretense of "a Hagurosan tranquil light temple" in an Imperial mausoleum of the mountaineering asceticism to worship the gods and Buddha as avatar until the Meiji Restoration. I am informed most of Buddha statues of the number of 250 body to lay in state in sen*do when dedicated by temples and the temple which were in the boundary. The Tai Sato Daira old man who lived in Sakata-shi cast materials and did collection while Dewa Sanzan became the Shinto shrine by gods and Buddha separation of the Meiji, and an awful lot of Buddha statue Buddhist altar fittings went down the mountain, and they were scattered and lost and I erected the installation temple in the residential land and did hohai. In 1974, as for Kanji Sato of the descendant, all of them which I continued protecting for nearly 100 years were dedicated to us.

Holding a ceremony for the dead

Dewa Sanzan is considered to be a heap of soreiyasuchin from ancient times and gathers deep faith, and manners and customs to hold a service for the ancestral spirit of a dead person are performed flourishingly now. I was rebuilt in the solemn building next to the main hall made with five ken of single-layered gabled and hipped roof plover bargeboards company in 1983.

Rest-in-peace pagoda
The Hagurosan has an each generation batman memorial service place with Honbo flat Minamitani including hashakudokyogaihakaji, but, in the holding a ceremony for the dead side memorial service place, a lot of memorial service monuments of the person of devotion are maintained with holding a ceremony for the dead erection, too, and the memorial service of various places of the public worship does not die out.
Holding a ceremony for the dead size ceiling requiem picture
Outlook on late Kumazawa light great painter brush drawing dedication
Requiem picture "celestial maiden and Ryu God" are drawn, and pray for the spirit of a dead person derived by a celestial maiden being protected by a dragon (up dragon, descending dragon), and dying; it is said that have a meaning.
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