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Sacred rites

Annual sacred rites

Various sacred rites are held in the Dewa Sanzan Shrine through the year

January 1     New Year's ceremony
January 3     New Year's Festival in the Court
January 11    chonashisai
February 11    A.D. festival
The middle of March     gagakuhotsugesai
The middle of April     Doctor festival
May 8     Ceremony of offering prayers for the nation's security and good harvest (special Shinto ritual rice-planting festival festival) ※Big festival
June 1     Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu founder festival
June 18    ihaiyasuchinkyoyosai
June 20    konkasai
June 30    (kaetsu) a great purification type
July 1     Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu founder festival
July 15    Annual festival (Flower Day) ※Big festival
August 13    Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu make a sacred bonfire with brushwood festival
August 14    Gassan Shinto shrine Motomiya festival, the Gassan pile ten thousand soul
August 15    Yudonosan Shinto shrine Motomiya festival
Ascetic practices (hochushiki) on August 26 with peak of - autumn
  September 1    
August 31 - bee child Shinto shrine annual festival, surface of the rice field festival (hassaku orange festival)
  September 1
September 6 ...
  September 9 medium ascetic practices dojo studio
September 15    Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu closing a mountain festival
September 20    Ancestor's soul festival
September 24    heiritsusai
October 1    Pipe rice porridge festival
October 10 Yudonosan pile ten thousand soul memorial service festival
October 24 nichiten*shasai
November 1    Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu closing a mountain festival
The November 23 Niname festival ※Big festival
December 31 great purification type, New Year's Eve festival
December 31 - pine annual festival
   January 1  
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