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Sacred rites

Annual sacred rites

Various sacred rites are held in the Dewa Sanzan Shrine through the year

January 1     New Year's ceremony
January 3     New Year's Festival in the Court
January 11    chonashisai
February 11    Akimoto festival
The middle of March     gagakuhotsugesai
The middle of April     Doctor festival
May 8     Ceremony of offering prayers for the nation's security and good harvest (special act of God rice-planting festival festival) ※Big festival
June 1     Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu founder festival
June 18    ihaiyasuchinkyoyosai
June 20    Offering of flowers festival
June 30    (Natsugoe) a great purification type
July 1     Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu founder festival
July 15    Annual festival (Flower Day) ※Big festival
August 13    Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu make a sacred bonfire with brushwood festival
August 14    Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu festival, tsukisanichisammanrei
August 15    Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu festival
Ascetic practices (hochushiki) on August 26 with peak of - autumn
  September 1    
August 31 - bee child Shinto shrine annual festival, surface of the rice field festival (hassaku orange festival)
  September 1
September 6 ...
  September 9 medium ascetic practices dojo studio
September 15    Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu closing a mountain festival
September 20    Ancestor's soul festival
September 24    heiritsusai
October 1    Pipe rice porridge festival
October 10 nichiyudensanichisammanreikyoyosai
October 24 nichiten*shasai
November 1    Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu closing a mountain festival
The November 23 Niname festival ※Big festival
December 31 great purification type, New Year's Eve festival
December 31 - pine annual festival
   January 1  
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