Conferment product guidance

kaiuninusaishu 800 yen 
With the design of the Mr. Yoshiharu Tsuchida calligraphy sexagenary cycle votive tablet of the dedication, I did hosei every year as hadashu. I pray for your kaiummanekifuku, body staunchness.
inusaiichikatanahori 1,200 yen 
It is carving with a single knife of sexagenary cycle "inu" of 2018. On earth I produced it by hand-carving carefully together. Please display it in each family as a mascot of the New Year.
Extra-large rake 30,000 yen
My wife security prays for future of the company prosperity, business prosperity, business prosperity, having a succession of visitors from the start
It is the rake of the outsize which decorated many mascots.
I share it in Hagurosan.