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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine  

About goennenshuhanfu of the Ox
I distribute ushisaigoennenshu where I stamped with the stamp of the Ox to the Ox age in commemoration of the relationship year from Saturday, June 19.
This lucky charm uses the tree of cedar of the Hagurosan.
Money offered to God charges: 500 yen 

※This lucky charm distributes it without limiting it in the day of the Ox.

2021 is the Dewa Sanzan Ox age relationship year.
The Ox year is the year when Okuno-in Temple Yudonosan was opened following Hagurosan, Gassan in Dewa Sanzan, and Dewa Sanzan is a year of the prepared founding accomplishment.
Thus, the veneration that Miyama pile was more ardent than ancient times was put as "Dewa Sanzan Ox age relationship age".
It is said that I increase most, and benevolence of the gods of Miyama Ogami is informed it in the Ox year even if I can get the benefit for 12 years when I achieve prayer.
Accept a special lucky charm by all means at this opportunity.
I look forward to your worship.
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