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Original Japan town ["the hometown of the Japanese heart" that ticked away a history of 1400]

Dewa Sanzan - Hagurosan (altitude 414M) Gassan (altitude 1984M) Yudonosan (altitude 1500M) - is the mountain occupying the main part of the Dewa hill dividing "Dewa country" into the east and west.
 It was "a mountain to be able to be angry" at which repeated a volcanic explosion for the ancient old days.
 When _____ time passed and regained quietness again, grass grew on the mountain, and trees grew thick, and a small bird and a beast returned.
 Country women of the foot felt a deep mysterious "mystery" there then.
"That mountain is the mountain where my parents and an ancestral soul dwell in ..."
"... that it must be the crowd of us that god of the mountain controlling staff of life, God of the sea become quiet"
 Then it was in the prince that I was alone through angry waves of the Sea of Japan all the way distantly _____ in the Emperor Suiko first year (593 years) when it ticked away time more by the capital of Nara.
 It is Prince prince, bee child of the 32nd Emperor Sushun, the person.
 Next world ____ which it is at the noon called the Ako valley (Ako) of the Hagurosan that I am invited to hachiotsujora (the young girl back) of village, Yura (yura) of itsuha and am led to the soul crow of the three-dart makeup on the nape of the neck and push the diameter without the way aside and arrived, and is gloomy.
 Ascetic practices of the penance were piled up day after day there, and the Prince bee child saw an appearance of deified person who has done distinguished service to the state "Mr. Italy wave God" (idehanokami) of the village of Oga, itsuha of Haguro at last and was presented enshrining to the Haguro mountaintop promptly in "Dewa (as for coming over) Shinto shrine".
 It is the annual festival 1,400 years ago back to.
 In the Dewa Sanzan Shrine, I assume it "the age of the founder" at this time, and fate is ardent, and uyamaikyo does Prince bee child with "an initiator".
 The way of ascetic practices of the Prince bee child bears fruit as "Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism" (hagurohakoshugendo), and an initiator takes the form of "the Haguro Buddhist monk" before long until today 1,400 years later and a severe ascetic practices way represented by "entering autumn peak" (I see it and fall asleep) (buchu out of the peak) is uninterrupted and continues.
 Regardless of the inside and outside of the mountain, the people of Tosan 13 countries are treated to the Imperial Family, the ardent veneration of successive military commanders from the start among 66 states of the whole country and, after _____, build the position gradually as this country's leading "sacred mountain, hallowed ground", and there is not the thing that tohaisha dies out throughout the year.
 In the first place Dewa Sanzan did it on "the peak of gods" to dwell in of "god of the mountain" who controlled the occupation of people "the climax of apparition of a living person" when the ancestor's soul subsided "guardian deity of a rice field" "God of the sea" and was "a sacred place" to pray for a staple grains abundant harvest, big catch satisfaction, people staying young, all the people pleasure (keraku).
 In addition, it is a mountain serving as "korishitaigen (gishitakein) revives" (resurrection) as "a basic dojo studio" of "the Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism".
 In other words, I have a post mortem experience in Gassan with this world profit in the Hagurosan and am the mountain which prospered in Yudonosan as the kind rare "sacred mountain of Mitsuseki three times" (sankansando) to have new life (life), and to be reborn.
 When it talks about the faith world of Dewa Sanzan, at first it will be that a color is dark, and a color of "the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism" is still left today that must give.
 Dewa Sanzan was the mountain where nature worship, mountain worship made much of "uyamaishin*so" than ancient times, but I came under a strong influence of the early "mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism" in the Heian era, and the management of the mountain mainly on the Buddhism has been done afterward until time of the enforcement of the "gods and Buddha separation" in the Meiji early years policy.
 The Dewa Sanzan Shrine serves it with "Shinto", but the old festival serves it with Taoism and Yin Yang method and "mountaineering asceticism" mainly on the esoteric Buddhism today.
 It may be right said that this is a big characteristic of today's Dewa Sanzan Shrine.
 When I looked back on the history and saw it, I did Hagurosan in the Kamakura era, and, under the pretense of "a mountain of the having a thorough knowledge of," a monk practicing asceticism climbed it competitively from whole country each place, and practice acquired each sect.
 One or _____ where it was why and was "a mountain of the having a thorough knowledge of", and a denomination made shugo various religion such complicatedly.
 "A heart" (a medium is stiff) of the Prince bee child would make it Oga, gods of Dewa Sanzan and an initiator.
 This is because there are how many people in person next tareri, Ogami of Dewa Sanzan to believe, and I do it in mightiness granting benevolence of the gods equally, and there was "the conviction" of the people that it is the gods whom (I ask) is thankful for in eternity.
 The human pains, trouble is not same at all. He did it, and the bee child prince must have perceived that he could never save it Oga of Dewa Sanzan and an initiator "only in mystery, one philosophical principles, doctrine" variously.
 _____ where gods of Dewa Sanzan are tolerant.
 At first the faith begins in "believing it". I make one's wicked thought, wicked heart empty, and thing, it which believe in "God" are the first step to enter the faith world.
   uyamaishin*so (keishinsuiso) _____.
 I respect God and am simply worshiping an ancestor, this single word.
 I served Ogami with this basic mind consistently for 1,400 years and the person who served gods of Dewa Sanzan contacted with the various places of tohaisha, the believer equally and worked for enlightenment.
 In the mountain, exaltation of prosperity Takeshi God is planned after Dewa Sanzan Shrine and the Meiji era when it was. It is not confined to the believer from Tosan 13 countries today, and there is not the thing that tohaisha dies out throughout the year from the all over the country of the whole country.
 And where it is at the mountain from the foreign country much less Japan increases remarkably recently.
 It is right "globalization". This is because there were cotton and "propagation, an enlightenment activity" or "exaltation" of the power of God of the Dewa Sanzan Shrine not to relax for the whole country of dorter, the Haguro Buddhist monk of the foot of a mountain that has been inherited from the ancient times.
 When not only well-known as "the mountain of the parent and child devolution" to be informed from a child by a grandchild from a parent to a child in what time of times, but also it is to boy 15 years old as adult courtesy as for the faith of Dewa Sanzan, "I run the first mountain", and oshinakerebanaranaitoiu manners and customs are still in good health in each place.
 I placed that I saw the up as Dewa Sanzan as one of the important "life courtesy" under the pretense of "visit to depths" for a long time in the Kanto area, and the person who saw the up was worshiped in particular as existence (person promised to become God) different from the general person.
 In addition, I called myself "visit to east depths" in visiting the east in existing Dewa Sanzan to be conscious of Ise located the west. In other words, "the pilgrimage to the Ise Shrine" "was positive", and I could believe that it formed "a shade" and a choice "pair" to see Dewa Sanzan, and there was a custom to have to accomplish them by all means once for life firmly.
 Today, a heap of Dewa Sanzan,
  "Japanese Hara volost, ..."
  "Hometown ... of the Japanese heart"
 Of Oga of Miyama who the reason to ask it, and to be broken did not depend only on the history called rare 1400, and has been expressed consistently across "space-time"; power of God, benevolence of the gods in total;, in there being it in "the benevolence" of the heart to pray for mind of "the saving the world" (shujosaito) of an initiator, the bee child prince, prosperity of the Imperial Family and the staying young of the people, we are shiki rubekidearou once again.

Place of Prince initiator bee child landing of Dewa Sanzan

 There are various opinions about the route before Prince bee child who is an initiator of Dewa Sanzan arriving at Haguroyama, but there is Yaotome legend of Yura in one.
The 32nd Emperor Sushun who was father was assassinated in winter of (592) for *shun five years by Umako Sogano (soganoumako). When I was in the Imperial Court, I escaped from a shrine of Shibagaki of Kurahashi by the advice of Prince Shotoku (I do an advantageous sea bream to carry) and appeared and went down Koshiji (Hokuriku Expressway) if the body of the bee boy who was a prince was dangerous and crossed the sea by ship from Noto Peninsula and arrived at ura of Yura as it is via Sado. Eight handsome boys that a figure was handsome came and went with the thing of the sea here in a cave. The prince wondered and went ashore and I was going to ask a young girl it, but everybody escaped and has hidden. The old man of the mustache appears there; to a prince "this ground is a palace of haku*shimahime, and is the beach of marine products of Oga of this country. There are the enshrined mountains of Oga toward the east from here. It was said, you should ask it hurriedly. Therefore the prince went according to the teaching toward the east and was advanced, but has lost a way on the way. The large crow of a certain three feet flew, and the mate to long length (2m40cm) led a prince to the Mt. Aku of Haguroyama then, too. In this way, I named a mountain Haguroyama for the crow which led a prince under the pretense of ura of Yaotome at the beach of Yura.
 In this way, there is a legend that it is said that I was born as a basis and a cave of ura of Yaotome is tied up to this cave as for Haguro God by a palace and the underpass of the Haguroyama head office.
*In gyokuihimemei (when in the tamayorihimenomikoto = Palace of the Dragon King haku*shimahime) which was a daughter of haku*shimahime Ryuo, I was considered to be Haguro God in the Edo era.

Bee child prince [the initiator who opened up Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism]

In the Emperor Suiko first year (593 years) more than 1,400 years ago, an Imperial son bee child prince of the 32nd Emperor Sushun was rolled up in political dispute with Soga, and the founder went north all the way by a circuit to get out of trouble and entered the Dewa country. And I saw manifestation of the uphill Haguro honorific title of a Japanese god in Hagurosan as the soul crow (reiu) of the three-dart makeup on the nape of the neck led it, and a small shrine was founded on the mountaintop, and subsequently Gassan, Yudonosan were opened in sequence. I adore Gotoku of the prince and am informed it afterwards when position no Buddhist ascetic who is said to be taisumashi and the father of the mountaineering asceticism who opened Hakusan, Kaga, initiator sky sea of the Shingon Buddhism, kaisoitosumashi of the Tendai sect do the next mountain and loaded ascetic practices.

The history of Dewa Sanzan [limitlessly deep faith brought up by the eternal history]

Dewa Sanzan is Gassan, Hagurosan in the Yamagata (Dewa country), the generic name of three heaps of Yudonosan.
 As for the Gassan Shinto shrine, in Dewa Shrine, in the Yudonosan Shinto shrine, daisan*mei (I wait for an ascidian I see it and drink a thing) worships oneself command (ohonamuchinomikoto), Mikami of shohikomeimei (sukunahikonanomikoto) in Mr. Italy wave God (idehanokami) who is the deified person who has done distinguished service to the state of the Dewa country and Nikami of the Inakura soul life (ukanomitanomikoto) in god of night (I arrive and read and drink a thing) of younger brother God of the Sun-Goddess very much. Because worship of the winter season is impossible as for the Gassan and the Yudonosan, I perform enshrining of more than two deities of gods of Miyama on the Haguro mountaintop. In addition, there is a company said to be 108 professional jesters to very large Yamauchi, and gods of the great many (yaorozu) are worshiped.
 Dewa Sanzan was a mountain of "the mountaineering asceticism" that Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism was passed for mountain worship of the old nature worship in Japan in shugo originally. That is why it was served until the Meiji Restoration by the Shingon Buddhism of the Buddhism, many denominations including the Tendai sect and was called "a mountain of the having a thorough knowledge of" in the Kamakura era. I do it variously and form limitlessly deep faith while repeating much henkaesa in the eternal history and, as "Tosan 13 kokusochimmamori," I am supported for the faith ardent widely of people and continue up to the present day.
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
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