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Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism

Concept of the mountaineering asceticism

The religion of the mountain which occurred in Japan, and was established. Make the mountains where the divine spirit dwells in a line place; the French world ultimate in nature which is plain by faith (Old Shinto) peculiar to root and trunk and black art-like Japan doing it by nature worship and religion to show exorcism of jowazawai, manekifuku, chibyo, the prolongation of life by arresting you, and casting the body in the Nature of the mountain, and organizing it by nature and a view of the world called (esoteric Buddhism) to unify, and fusing in awareness called (Lotus Sutra) with the Buddha-nature and death thought (the Jodo sect) to all, and making full use of legendary hermit with miraculous power art (Taoism) using black art (Yin Yang method).

Thought and purpose of the mountaineering asceticism

The mountaineering asceticism is the principle of reality affirmation to consider to be reality osonomamao ultimate truth. As the outcome, a purpose of the mountaineering ascetic is to make living body entering Nirvana (sokushinjobutsu), and I open the realization as it is in this world, and this body is that it is to the human being whom a helping hand is held out to for all living things.
*The frame of the three body forms of Buddha indicating the way of all creatures with nature on was raised in national treasure Haguroyama Five Storeyed Pagoda until late years.
 ・Buddhahood (hosshin) - truth itself
 ・The position that I got as a result of reward-body of a Buddha (I do not report it) - realization
 ・The figure which temporarily appeared for incarnated bodies of Buddha (does not accept it) - all creatures relief

Vocabulary of the mountaineering asceticism

・Mark (proof of a living body having died) as a result of omen - prayer
・You make an effort to get shu - omen and are devoted, and acquire a miracle power and a black art power.
・The best means and method to study the method of way - ascetic practices, and to practice it.

Reason called the way

You must have the original doctrine, teaching method appropriate for it to put up one sect. However, there are not the original doctrine and teaching method and respects means and a method to just achieve a purpose because the mountaineering asceticism adopts Shinto, esoteric Buddhism, Yin Yang method, Taoism and I do those accepted doctrine and doctrines and shugo and am established

Honorific title of a Japanese god faith and authority Riki God of the mountaineering asceticism

 I regarded the gods and Buddha as one body in the mountaineering asceticism to make sacred mountain a line place and saw the thing which protected a mountain as honorific title of a Japanese god. 1 God is lost existence with a subordination form to Buddha of God in development of the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism, and Mr. non-tree Fumiyoshi person needs French relief in "history of Japanese Buddhism". (Jinguji) 2 God protects French jurisprudence. (guardian deity of Buddhism God), as for 3 God, Buddha changed a figure for all creatures relief, and appeared. (honorific title of a Japanese god, the manifestation of the prime noumenon) 3 is slightly late, and begin whereas assume it three ways more than it, and 1 and 2 begin from the Nara era, and the form arrests the gods and Buddha with one, and a word "honorific title of a Japanese god" "manifestation of the prime noumenon" is seen if become in the middle of peace. And I write it down when settled individually which God is which French manifestation of the prime noumenon from last part of peace. In addition, Mr. Ansho Togawa is "a study of the new publication Dewa Sanzan mountaineering asceticism", and it is said with "ogen", and there is not the constant address because the gods and Buddha are the thin air and falling together, and, about authority Riki God, mountaineering ascetics do not always leave the authority divine power of God and the Buddha to live in the center of all creatures, and to follow the form of the shadow. Besides, I do not see the figure to the thing which does not have faith, and the protection is not provided, but give you profit depending on each wish if there is even a heart to believe. That is why God possesses phantasmagoric power. However, the gods visiting the original address matches courtesy than I see it while being and explains the profit when there is many it.

Honorific title of a Japanese god in Dewa Sanzan

 Haguroyama -, Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva (Buddha), Italy 氐 wave God (genius locus God), Inakura spirit of the dead life (grains God)
  Tsukiyama -, Amitabha (Buddha), goddess of the moon God (farming God)
 Mount Yudono -, Dainichi Buddha (Buddha), large mountain god God (god of the mountain), large oneself command (founding of a country God)
          ・shohikomeimei (pharmaceutical God)

Initiator, nojosen (noujosen)

I open Dewa Sanzan, and nojosen which is an initiator of the Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism is a person wrapped in a deep veil. In the historical records to come to the main shrine, in nojo, * got a sentence of "nojoichisetsuku" of "the Pajna-para-mita sutra", and called illness and the suffering of all creatures with nojosen because it was removed ability ku and was called the Great Teacher, the Crown Prince. In addition, there were sambutsuridaishin (mifurinootodo) and the thing written down separately from it, and the meaning was unidentified, but there were kannagi which served a divine spirit from the way of reading and the viewpoint to do.
After nojo thinking *shun which was a batman of Haguroyama and ten* of the pupil to be the Crown Prince of the 32nd Emperor Sushun (... 592) in the early period of Edo era, and demanding connections, and demanding the evidence and the document that it is in a document and a record of the Imperial Court, it becomes clear to have been there, and a bee child prince and a brocade charges princess come to think that nojosen must be a bee child prince to the Emperor Sushun. It comes to be talked about an initiator as follows from that time. The Emperor Sushun of father is assassinated by Umako Sogano (... 626) and the body of the prince becomes in danger, too and I become a priest according to the advice of Prince Shotoku (574-622) of the cousin, and it is the body of to 擻 and escapes in Court and I set sail from the beach of Yura of Tango and go north in the Sea of Japan and arrive at the beach of Yura, Tsuruoka-shi. Therefore I am invited to the invitation of eight young girls and go ashore and aim at hallowed ground Haguroyama of the Kannon. A mythical crow of the three-dart makeup on the nape of the neck appears and leads the prince who lost his way on the way to the pearl oyster of Haguroyama. Therefore I opened trained aftershaft Kuroyama followed by opened Tsukiyama, and Mount Yudono was opened last. Because this day was Year of the Ox Ox day, I do the Year of the Ox with the relationship year of Miyama. Furthermore, declared Bodhisattva to Prince initiator bee child, and (1823) kaku*betsuto applied with a sea bream in 1823 and was granted a posthumous Buddhist name called "terikendai**". Since then the Meiji government admitted with a bee child prince in initiators calling himself Prince bee child in initiators in Haguroyama and established the cemetery on the Haguro mountaintop.

With the Haguro group

The mountaineering asceticism had a relation with various schools such as a sky stand, a Buddha's preach about truth, the Avatamska Sutra deeply since the Middle Ages, but I come to gradually fix the organization of the religious community and develop later with a Motoyama group (sky stand system), this temple group (Buddha's preach about truth system), and Haguroyama can know that the religious community of the huge mountaineering ascetic was established by an article on (1209) May 5 in 1209 of "the Agatsuma mirror" in the Kamakura era, too.

Reason to call old mountaineering asceticism

nojosen which is an initiator is a prince of the 32nd Emperor Sushun, and the times are earlier than Giyoja Enno (black art person of about 7.8 centuries) whom great peak mountaineering asceticism and Kumano mountaineering ascetic look up to as an initiator, and the social position is noble, too. In addition, the make a sacred bonfire with brushwood goma which is the best law matter of the mountaineering asceticism calls itself "Old mountaineering asceticism" from the tradition that our initiator granted to Giyoja Enno saying that Haguroyama is the origin of the mountaineering asceticism.
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