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Miyama compendium of seasonal words


Business of the 35th anniversary of Oedo Buddhist monk mendicant

I formed a visit to a grave corps of the 50th daiten*betsuto which praised the 35th anniversary with a father of the interest of Haguroyama who slept to Niijima of Izu as meeting, a commemorative project of the Oedo Buddhist monk mendicant who began in 1979 in this year. On June 8, please see the state of the trip of 9th.
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  A jet is finally departure by ship in the morning than jihanhigashikyotakeshiba*kyo for approximately three hours in 8 on June 8.
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I had greetings than Akinaga Maeda chief priest after official worship in in front of God in 13 Shinto shrines.
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    It seems to be the mascot which a parent arranges when a boy is born in manners and customs of Niijima.
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I had explanation while touching the article of ten*betsutochokuhitsu which came to 13 Shinto shrines directly.
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I    prayed at both exile graveyard and a certain big family temple, Choeiji as a temple of the relationship.
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The 15th Masao Toyama chief priest wrote it to a native rock of Haraikawa by oneself, and I expelled you and cleansed the front of the gravestone which let you carve, and the front of the grave festival was ready
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        It is yu々ten*betsutohakazensaigosaiko at 5:00 on the afternoon of 8th.
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     The sacred rites are set safely, too and are the array of the Oedo Buddhist monk mendicant visit to a grave group.
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I received the explanation of the display of ten*betsutosekiren than a curator after observing the Niijima art glass center on the last day on 9th in Niijima Museum.
Touch the article of the history, the relationship of ten*betsuto and can attend front of the grave festival and, during the short period called 2 days and 1 night, think with it having been the experience that is valuable for the who had you participate.

Haguroyama Mikami enshrining of more than two deities, Five Storeyed Pagoda snow removing

I reach the beginning of spring with the calendar, and it approaches little by little in spring, but the thaw seems to be farther. The roof worked on snow removing is frequent in the houses of the Haguro foot of a mountain.

Snow removing of Mikami enshrining of more than two deities and national treasure Five Storeyed Pagoda was carried out in Haguroyama. Mikami enshrining of more than two deities at the Haguroyama mountaintop hit work using various scoops and tools by the snow of approximately 2 meters piled up on a roof for approximately one week from the middle of January. I say the snow, but work to include water, and to take down the snow which became heavy is considerable hard labor. The staff on work took down a snowy lump in severe cold hard.

In addition, the snow removing of national treasure Five Storeyed Pagoda was carried out on January 30, and eight Shinto shrine staff took down the snow approximately 1.5 meters piled up on a roof the other day from a roof for a day.
When a hard snowy lump fell heavily, I surprised the person who a big sound echoed to Yamauchi with a thud, and saw it. Five Storeyed Pagoda where snow was lowered neatly will be to look forward to coming of spring in Suginami tree.

However, there is many charm to be able to taste only at time of present this winter to Haguroyama. The Suginami tree which snow was covered with is quiet as if time totally stopped and a mountain is quiet and is wrapped. The prayer in the atmosphere unique in winter has different good points again.
When I listen carefully in Haguroyama, before coming of spring, how about?

Colder days continue, but please note all of you health.

"Winter peak" Haguro Buddhist monk 100 days ascetic practices

heiritsusai, Brahma the Creator prayer
Pine annual festival Akira Daimatsu event
Ascetic practices began in a hundred days of elder Buddhist monk, pine Saint (waiting Hijiri) that it was the leading role of "the pine annual festival" to be carried out from the last day of the year to New Year's Day. As for later 50 days, I stay in the Shinto priest-purification shelter at the Haguro mountaintop at home in 50 days from pine Saint ha September 24 and continue praying by peace (All the world is at peace, country peace, staple grains fertile epidemic breaking up) of Japan. And, at night of the last day of the year of the completion of a vow, as for two Buddhist monks (both pine Saint), the omen power that I got (genriki) is tested by ascetic practices.
Origin of the festival
Prince bee child who was an initiator of Dewa Sanzan brought farming on this ground, but the farmer who entered the rice field has died noisily. Therefore the initiator continued saying grace on the Saint mountain for basket forest 100 days. Then there was a divine message to "burn down the devil" after 100 days of one of completion of a vow, and soni obeyed it. The devil comes to be said to be "harvest bug" after the Meiji era and is succeeded in now.
It entails a great cost to perform this festival and Haguro Buddhist monk does a mendicant and goes around the whole Shonai district from old days.
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