I am completed in (1977) October in 1977 and am on the Otorii side of the Mount Yudono Hongu foot hermit swamp parking lot at 1,100 meters of points of Mount Yudono 1,504 meters above sea level.
The cold wind to call by whistling from the valley of Mount Yudono dries the sweat of the worshiper. sankago and the meal while I hear the sound of the swamp are particular.

Introduction of the dish

   Mountain Brahma the Creator low dining table of the love
  Hermit low dining table  
2,160 yen (tax-included) [seven articles]
※Dish content may vary according to a season. Thank you for your understanding.
           Mugwort kneaded barley flour low dining table  
            1, 620 yen (tax-included) [six articles]
 Swamp low dining table (it becomes the low dining table with the dengaku of the rainbow trout)  
 1, 620 yen (tax-included) [six articles]


Side of place Yudonosan hermit swamp Otorii
From feast at a Buddhist service charges 2,160 yen
From staying 8,790 yen (it includes bath tax 150 yen)
Period about the end of April - beginning of November
100 members of hotel guest
※On a reservation, please refer to telephone 0235-54-6131 FAX 0235-54-6134.

About the Nyuu mineral spring God steam bath use

          Admission 500 yen (in the case of staying bath tax 150 yen separately)
=Use time =
           Accommodation from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
           One-day one from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
As 1, the God steam bath enter the God bath of God and make it a principle to do that I have benevolence of the gods of Ogami to mind and body, there are only a bathtub and a household Shinto altar in bathroom. Please note that there are not the facilities such as washing space, the shower.
Seven or eight people put 2, the bathtub at a time.
※Bathroom of the use is on another floor for normal 24 hours other than the use time, too.
※I sell it for towel 300 yen (tax-included).
I accept bathing from June 1 in this year.

Origin of the Nyuu mineral spring God steam bath

        Source Minakami, Nyuu Shrine (nibuminakamijinja)
        Enshrined deity Nyuu capital day goddess (nibutsuhimenokami)
A professional jester of several ten is enshrined on the approach to a shrine toward Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu from here yudensansankagosho, but the Minakami, Nyuu Shinto shrine which is God of the water worships you, and it is done by inner one company. Under the pretense of Nyuu mineral spring, a mineral spring of source temperature 18 degrees carbonate still sprang out ceaselessly from ancient times and, as proof, a symbol of the faith that had veneration from the whole country, was used than the prayer with God hot water of Hongu. In addition, even if the Showa era begins, a water trickling from between the rocks hut is run near the mineral spring and provides the bath of the Nyuu mineral spring and the mountain products such as edible wild plants to a person of prayer, and effects such as a woman's illness, stomach and intestines disease, diabetes, obesity disease are detected even in a recent investigation.
2005 was the Kei year of Mount Yudono founder 1400 and measured ** of the further benevolence of the gods of Ogami and prayed for the happiness of people of the world more and more and founded Nyuu mineral spring God steam bath for this historical fact.
 A heart soaks itself in God hot water to all of worship calmly and prays for not having the protection of Mount Yudono Ogami, power being had.