Dewa Sanzan is a generic name of the Hagurosan Gassan Yudonosan; until the Meiji era 
It was a mountain of the mountaineering asceticism to enshrine honorific title of a Japanese god of the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism 
Become Kamiyama after the Meiji era; the Hagurosan is Inakura spirit life Dewa Oga
The Gassan the god of night Yudonosan of daisangimeidaikokushumeishohikomeimei
I worship Mikami, but the Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism is succeeded to since a founder 
The faith to approach to Dewa Sanzan does not still change
"Miyama special sealed letter issued by a shogun"
"Bee child Shrine special sealed letter issued by a shogun"
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