Dewa Sanzan was a mountain of the mountaineering asceticism to enshrine honorific title of a Japanese god of the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism with Hagurosan, Gassan, a generic name of the Yudonosan until the Meiji era.
Become Kamiyama after the Meiji era, the Hagurosan an Inakura spirit life, Dewa Oga, the Gassan
God of night, the Yudonosan worship major mountain god life, major king life, Mikami of shohikomeimei
Since a founder, the Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism is succeeded to, and the faith to approach to Dewa Sanzan does not still change.
Among Hagurosan Five Storeyed Pagoda inside showcases
This year when the times change from Heisei to harmony to give it an order to start.
Mikami enshrining of more than two deities reached 200 years than the rebuilding in the Dewa Sanzan Shrine last year.
Thought and the technique of ancient people hidden in a national treasure to this happy age in the future
In order to inherit it, secondary to last year after an interval of 150 years the Hagurosan Five Storeyed Pagoda inside
I open it to the public.
April 27, 2019 [soil] → Harmony first year November 30 [soil] to give it an order to start
| Public time | 8:30 a.m. → 4:30 p.m.
| Admission fee | Ticket 700 yen common throughout 500 yen for adults //
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