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Medium ascetic practices dojo studio

Medium ascetic practices dojo studio

A medium ascetic practices dojo studio "opinion"

It is sacred mountain that Dewa Sanzan is said to be Tosan 13 ke kokusochimmamori from ancient times and is outstanding in the under the sun as the mountains of line, the mountain of the purge, a mountain of the mountaineering asceticism. In 1993, they expected founder 1400, and the medium ascetic practices that I decided to begin it, and to open the way of Buddhist monk ascetic practices toward the woman and founded made impression that they were great inside and out. And the new history of Dewa Sanzan as the times of the heart is expected as curtain raising to carve with and is appreciated.
 While the Prince initiator bee child is the precious body which should inherit an Imperial line, it is gone down by the border of this haruka々 Dewa and I throw away the human grudge of all and am broken into by the way of the faith, and, as for the mind of "the benevolence" that a pipe only does nothing but severe ascetic practices day in and day out, and infinity of the treasure and the happiness of the masses were prayed to for, generation develops as Haguro group Old mountaineering asceticism, and it is in the root of today's Buddhist monk ascetic practices.
 I bathed in admonitions, kunden which I was thankful for and, in quest of holy soku* of this prince, realized a human being original real aspect and strongly desired that it was not contributed to manifestation of the clean world right brightly, and the medium ascetic practices dojo studio was established.

Participation essential point

Girl (the age does not matter) who can endure 1, severe asceticism of sankashikakusan*to

From 1, period September 6 to 9th   
         Meeting September 6 11:00 a.m. Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office
         Dissolution afternoon of September 9 about 5:00 same as on the right 

I close it on a first-come-first-served basis as soon as I reach 1, the application deadline line temple seating capacity. (last deadline August 20)

1, person in charge of application Dewa Sanzan Shrine medium ascetic practices dojo studio
       (participation application, written oath, participant interview list) do not take the paper other than the prescribed thing.

1, expense
40,000 yen ※I changed money offered to God charges (for the entrance fee) of it from 2013.
       (I enclose postal transfer paper at the time of permit shipment)
       ※Please bear the payment fee respectively. Even bringing, money sent by registered mail is possible directly to the shrine office.
                (the delivery until August 31)

1, work tabi ◎ work gloves of swimsuit ◎ white tabi ◎ white for indispensable article ◎ white robe ◎ white belt (an under-sash or waist cord) ◎ purification ceremony
             ◎Tool for rain outfit (white or transparence) ◎ underwear ◎ washing face ◎ bath towel ◎ flashlight 
              ◎Copy ◎ household medicine of small rucksack (san*jishiyo) ◎ health insurance card 

1, other attire and the bedclothing lend it.
        ※I forbid use of the private properties attire. The thing except the loan cannot use the bedclothing, too.
       I rent the attire in a shrine office in a reception desk.
         (for afternoon of September 5 from 1:00 to 5:00 6th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00)
       I explain the urgent communication method to the outside during ascetic practices in a line temple.
I am similar to 1, jikomikinshishokuhin, luxury goods, camera, recording machinery and tools, radio, these cell-phone or other
  ※The expense of the dorter before and after ascetic practices or the inn is paying own expenses.
  ※As I accept an individual prayer, memorial service in the case of the religious service during ascetic practices, jikomi of the money is free. .
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