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Training ascetic practices dojo studio

Training ascetic practices dojo studio

Guidance of the training ascetic practices dojo studio
Hallowed ground that is a mystery to run ... Kamiyama, ascetic practices ... of the requiem
In northeastern hallowed ground Dewa Sanzan (Tsukiyama, Mt. Haguro, Mount Yudono), a prince, a bee child prince of the 32nd Emperor Sushun begins in the mountain having been opened in the Suiko first year (Christian era 593 years). Thereafter it is the mountain which repeated faith ardent widely as the crowd of mountaineering ascetics, the crowd of spirits of a dead person, a heap of banks. It is done Osamu Iwao Buddhist monk ascetic practices of the Haguro group old mountaineering asceticism conveying the severe ascetic practices of the prince in now now. I surrender to Nature and pile a basket in the precincts that are the hallowed ground that is a mystery and run Kamiyama, and a sum is belonging to it before the alter and reminds you of the Japanese mind that we who live through a purification ceremony and the ascetic practices of the requiem in the present age have forgotten and holds it to have you reflect self.


<the first half year dojo studio>  It is 30 offer number of people or less for from Friday, August 2, 2024 to Sunday, August 4
<latter term dojo studio>  It is 30 offer number of people or less for from Saturday, August 17, 2024 to Monday, August 19

Entrance fee

50,000 yen
*The person who received a permission notification, please deliver the total amount of the entrance fee until one week before a participation training day.

Ascetic practices schedule

First day Mt. Haguro reception desk start half past 8 a.m. punctuality meeting place Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office (7, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi)
*A shrine office is the wooden construction one-storied house building where the Shinto gate around "the culture Memorial is on the left as for coming over" of the Toge district foot not the Haguro mountaintop
Second day Tsukiyama - Mount Yudono
Third day Mount Yudono dissolution time around 11:00 a.m. (plan) kaisanjoshoyudensansankagosho (TEL.0235-54-6131)
*The person coming back to Tsuruoka Station and the shrine office from yudensansankagosho sends it after the dissolution by bus on the third day.
*The detailed map of the meeting place is as follows separately in detailed schedules in a mention, a line.


○I may change an overall schedule by the various situation including the bad weather.
○As Michihiko may order the interruption (change) of the line to the participant who judged that the continuation of the training line is impossible by circumstances, please understand. In addition, as a general rule, I do not return you the entrance fee on this occasion.
○I will confer an identification of completion on a training ascetic practices conclusion person.
○A Shinto priest-purification shelter can use the staying before and after the participation. But it is paid privately
 *The reservation, please call to Shinto priest-purification shelter direct telephone call/0235-62-2357.
○The contribution publication to the Internet such as a photograph or the distribution information about whole ascetic practices training line in individuals except the coverage public information that a Shinto shrine accepted (shinhaishi, bookmark) and a magazine is not expected at all.
○Please inform me of any unclear points to the Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office. 
*I return 25,000 yen after that and, in the case of participation cancellation, in the case of the day, do not return the total amount until four days ago.


*"Mt. Haguro Shinto priest-purification shelter" can use the staying before and after the participation. (require reservation)
 The reservation to Mt. Haguro Shinto priest-purification shelter TEL0235-62-2357
*I forbid shooting, a recording act training itself entirely.

The knowledge that is training itself

"shinhaishi" to distribute at 1, a reception desk "purification ceremony and bookmark up to a requiem event" particularly toward shosansha always
 You have you carry it, and please assume it the knowledge to follow a way, johiko, a training experienced person in the case of the chorus, and to be able to perform it.
We repeat hearts such as conduct of a chorus, two etiquette two beats hand one etiquette of shinhaishi in one at the time of 2, the worship, and let's perform it.
Please maintain the solemn gender of training ascetic practices firmly without 3, the white headband of the sum being taking a break, and taking it off as much as possible.
Should be use, reading such as camera shooting, a cell-phone and a vending machine, TV, the magazine in 4, a line
 Please decline.
5, the smoking prohibit the drinking at the time of a break except a feast.

Application instructions

○Apply for the requirements by mail after entry, sealing in a Shinto shrine predetermined application, interview list, a written oath by all means.
*I am sorry to trouble you, but, on the envelope use for the application to enclosed us, please put a stamp.
*I do not accept the application by a telephone, Fax, the email (only as for the inquiry, possible)
*Seeing it cannot speak ryokisarukomi of the first half year, the latter period.
○It must arrive by May until the last day during a reception desk period
*In the case of a lot of applications, I should draw lots (I do a past first-come-first-served basis with cancellation)
*I do a notice of the "permission" "suppression" by the end of June.
 *Please bring that received a permission notification in the reception desk on the day of the participation.

Participation qualification

i, healthy man and woman
  tadashi, cases under 20 come to need the agreement of the protector.
    (an application, a written oath needs the signature and seal of the protector)
    If cases under 16 increase it as above, and the company of the protector (person in charge whom or a protector recognizes) is necessary
    It becomes. In the case of the need of the companion, I need the participation application procedure like the person.
The person whom there is not who is abnormal to ro, blood pressure
The person who can endure ha, Kakeru Miyama (Mt. Haguro, Tsukiyama, Mount Yudono distance 15km, six hours)
  (Mt. Haguro 2446, Misaka step, Tsukiyama Nakano shrine - Tsukiyama Hongu, Tsukiyama Hongu - Mount Yudono Hongu)
ni, the purification ceremony (current of water), sitting straight which is made
Dewa Sanzan Shrine (Mt. Haguro)
The morning 8: 30 - afternoon 5: To 00
About the mail correspondence of a prayer, the lucky charm,
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