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Haguroyama - Mikami enshrining of more than two deities ...

1.Personal prayer

●From money offered to God charges / April 1, 2014 from one 5,000 yen (fill in a prayer bill with a petition, a full name)
※If there is an application in occasions such as the Noboru worship, I perform it at the same time.
※When a personal prayer is received in groups, there is a prayer with the next mountain if you mail a list to a Shinto shrine beforehand or you can fax. 

A note: The prayer in the main hall is saiko, and a festival and a wedding do not come in time done saiko. Please note that you may have to wait for around one hour in some cases.
Please see "an event of this month" in a detailed schedule.

Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu

1.Founding period

・Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu 2021 founding period 7/1-8/31 
 In this year, it supports the receptionist of the normal prayer, memorial service for the new coronavirus infection prevention
 As there is a change, "the news from Dewa Sanzan Shrine" in the home screen
 Please see this.
・Rest stations of the Gassan Tohai: On the 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point, ninth stage, mountaintop sanshookuyu (confirmation required, reservation required)
 As, in this year, special business becomes in the form for the new coronavirus infection prevention,
 In the case of each facility use, please confirm it by all means beforehand.


・One person: 500 yen
 (you must receive purification to go and worship at Gassan Shinto shrine Motomiya)
・A telephone: 090-8921-9151 (Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu)
・FAX: 020-4662-7036
A mountain path to the top is a national park than 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point and it is precincts place of Dewa Sanzan Shrine and is private land. As it is in the precincts that are special than ancient times in the very large precincts ground in Gassan Shinto shrine Motomiya of the top in particular, I have you receive purification toward all and visit it.
*In addition, I utilize the purification charges that I took than all of you in perfection for precincts maintenance (tohaidofukumi), facilities (rest station, rest room) maintenance of the Gassan top.


・One case: From 5,000 yen (I fill in a prayer bill with a petition, a full name)
※I accept the group prayer in a dorter, the Shinto shrine scheme as before.


・A reservation (the pivot): Telephone 090-2367-9037
・A place: From 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point (Gassan Nakano shrine) parking lot a 10-minute walk
・A founder period: 7/1 - 10/2 (I may change it by the situation)
・A member of hotel guest: To up to 35 people
・The hotel charges: From 8,640 yen (tax-included) [with half board]
・A drink (tax-excluded): Refined sake (one cup) 300 yen, beer (bottle) 600 yen, (can) 400 yen, juice 200 yen

Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu

1.Founding period

・Until 6/from January to November beginning (is closed for the snow period)
 ※The worship stops by for toll road construction on June 1 in this year.
 ※Founding festival: 6/1
 ※Closing a mountain festival: 11/1
 ※It is the beginning of November on a worship end day.
  For more details, please refer over a telephone.
[it is until from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in pay gate time in]
※In addition, please note that the toll road gate is closed down at 4:00 p.m.


・One person: 500 yen
 (you must receive purification to go and worship at Mount Yudono Hongu)
・A telephone: 0235-54-6133 (Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu)
・FAX: 0235-54-6143


・One case: From 5,000 yen (I fill in a prayer bill with a petition, a full name)

4.Fire services goma prayer

・Contents: I put it before God of yudensansankagosho and burn goma and perform a prayer
・Money offered to God charges: Company 50,000 yen
・The goma prayer time required: Approximately one hour
※For details, please refer to Mount Yudono Hongu or yudensansankagosho.


・A reservation (the pivot): Telephone 0235-54-6131, FAX0235-54-6134
・A place: Otorii side in front of a Yudonosan parking lot
・A founder period: Until 5/1 - 11/3 (is closed for the snow period)
・A member of hotel guest: To up to 120 people
・The hotel charges: From 8,790 yen (tax-included) [with half board] (it includes bath tax 150 yen)
・A meal: 1,620 yen .2,160 yen (tax-included) [the groups guide you]
・A drink (tax-excluded): Refined sake 370 yen, beer 450 yen, juice 200 yen
・Traffic: A car, a bus (please refer to home screen side menu "access" in detail)
 *From the hermit swamp to Yudonosan Shinto shrine Hongu in the case of foot: Approximately 20 minutes
 *From the hermit swamp in the case of the worship bus use: Five minutes (one person: one way 200 yen / coming and going 300 yen)
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata
TEL. 0235-62-2355
FAX. 0235-62-2352
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