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Permanent construction display

Permanent construction display

Legend of a mirror-pond exhumation old mirror

1950 (1950) August country designation important cultural property
With 190 copper mirrors from the Heian era to the Edo era from Mitarai Pond at the Haguro mountaintop
I am called "Haguro mirror" with an excavated thing.
As for the kind, sum mirrors are more than 80%, and there are a matter mirror, a lake state mirror system mirror Tang type mirror.
Mirror embroidered back mon has much natural scenery which put sochobun and a plant sentence together.

Large signature on a sword Tsukiyama

1941 (1941) July country museum piece designation
70.3cm in length
With the thing of north and south morning service charges, the characteristic "horticultural kind of Japan cedar skin" of the Gassan group is regulated well well.

Bronze pair of stone guardian dogs

1955 (1955) August prefecture designated cultural assets
Height (flatter) 28.7cm (*) 31.2cm
Is the signature of "the Keicho era 18 nenkiushi March lucky day"; Yoshiaki Mogami in Tsukiyama
I dedicated it

Copper garden lantern pole

It is country designated cultural assets in (1950) August in 1950
Pass through a 112.0cm in height tongue; 40.0cm
A signature of (1352) is incised in 1352,
A burning place of a fireplace and a shade and a pedestal were lost, and only a pole was left
It is a thing.
*rikararyuo is performed making a seal with raised characters of to a pole.

ten*oi*ku, Basho writing brush

1955 (1955) August prefecture designated cultural assets
35.5cm in height 78.5cm in width
Basho Matsuo who visited on the way, Dewa Sanzan of the narrow path of the (1689) depths in 1689
But, is asked betsutodaikaikaku; is Toge in one phrase and an inscription sentence in soten*betsuto of the middle interest
Figure thing

Wooden god of treasure statue

1980 (1980) May prefecture designated cultural assets
Image high 95.5cm zozoho is ichihonzo
The work which is in the latter half of the Heian era.
243 Buddha statues which is told to have gone down by *butsukoboreshaku of the Meiji by Haguroyama
A descendant of Mr. Yasushi Sato Tara that I cast materials and collected dedicated it.
The shape puts on a suitabusa, crown of heaven stand and a triangle-formed crown.

Paper on which a painting is painted gold paint Amitabha

2001 (2001) March city designated cultural assets
Picture of the welcoming into the Pure Land 50th daiten*betsutohitsu
40.2cm in height    21.0cm in width
All the Buddhist painting lines write it in gold paint of the south no Amitabha in the early period of Edo era,
Statue lotus sitting shows an aureole of number of the nimbuses Jo on a cloud,
2 Jo of those lengthens and go to the ground.

I pass through paper on which a painting is painted bluish ground gold paint Onori consummate sacred book

2001 (2001) March city designated cultural assets
37.3cm in height
(1605) saifujihokorejo contributed it to the batman before gods and Buddha House in 1605.
All eight scrolls of sutras move to the writing brush of kaihiromejojin.

A mountaineering asceticism method tool "conch shell"

A mountaineering asceticism method tool "conch shell"
In shellfishs blowing in the case of a signal, headquarters, the sound is compared to Buddha's preaching
The beast of mountains is afraid and does not approach.
In addition, it is said that the sound becomes extinct for the worldly desires of the exerciser.

Mountaineering asceticism method tool "kyu"

1992 (1992) March city designated cultural assets
72.0cm in height width 53.5cm 29.5cm in depth
Work of Meio (1492-1500)
kyu becomes the altar working for a mountaineering ascetic.
With the peak case which is courtesy of the mock death reproduction, it is a coffin,
I have a role as the interior of the womb of mother.

A mountaineering asceticism "letter of appointment"

Ascetic practices with peak a person from shu etamo from a great guide of Haguroyama
I had as a certificate as the mountaineering ascetic.

A mountaineering asceticism "haze form"

Haze-formed "kasumikoreji"
A batman issued it to a mountaineering ascetic of Yamauchi in the thing like the rope with the haze.
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