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Rokujurigoe Kaido time peak line

Rokujurigoe Kaido time peak line opinion

I made use of Dewa Sanzan as the Imperial mausoleum of the having a thorough knowledge of, the precincts more than nisenchoho, and the peak line invited the turning point for ten years to the Miyama time as ascetic practices specialized in a * 擻 line, too. It was the beginning of feel, but there is the feeling that took shape finally having one ascetic practices while all trip about seven villages linking each heap of Dewa Sanzan step all cautiously on one step one step with own foot and are treated to benevolence of the gods. I less stayed in the Shinto shrine precincts at first, and there were both various worship ways including much haisho from the every quarter entrances to the ladies' chambers which did it around Tsukiyama and the ascetic practice nitono plan, but was without gen uha easy ku line uha shortage ku readily reaching the realization.
 saikochi does a peak line in Rokujurigoe Kaido time that I finally catch this opportunity in on this occasion and aim at the former Shonai feudal clan castle bottom Tsuruoka city from Mount Yudono. Through Mount Yudono area more than 1,000 meters above sea level, Rokujurigoe Kaido which linked Shonai to the inland of Yamagata was just main main lines equal to the national highway of the place that said and was a way of the worship that was important in the Dewa Sanzan faith. With recent ancient morality maintenance, haisho, the historic spot are explained clearly, and there is the record of Yamazaki and is thinking with ascetic practices with being protected to haisho of Miyama faith relationship rino approximately 20, definitely every thing which covered all the general public faith from various ancient times such as the gods and Buddha, Buddhist ascetic mound, Mount Yudono monument.
Dewa Sanzan Shrine (Mt. Haguro)
The morning 8: 30 - afternoon 5: To 00
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