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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine  

News of the Shinto priest-purification shelter new menu
[spring edible wild plant a lot of meal beyo set]
It is severe for a long time in the winter of Shonai of Yamagata, and many edible wild plants begin to send out buds with a spring thaw when the winter is over. I wait for spring in soil for a long time, and the wabi bita edible wild plant fully stores up the energy of the mountain, and nourishment and a taste are condensed.
As for the low dining table to take out this time in a Shinto priest-purification shelter, approximately 15 articles are cooked mainly on edible wild plant dishes to have you taste the taste of such an edible wild plant thoroughly without adding an unnecessary hand as much as possible. I think that you can enjoy original taste in a simple form.
As you have the new life that was born in the year, please have it with a feeling, "please to let me have" by all means.
* Spring edible wild plant a lot of meal beyo set
  ・Rice & miso soup, other 15 articles 5,500 yen
  ・Until from May 1 to June 30 is for a limited time
   Low dining table photograph few days exhibition
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