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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine  

Announcement of Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu founding

Guidance of the Gassan Shinto shrine founding
I plan August 31 from July 1 during the founding period of this year. In addition, you do it with new coronavirus infectious disease expansion preventive measures, and please confirm it as you accept each annual festival in a mountain in summer as follows.
One, annual sacred rites plan 
(on the day group (members of a pilgrims' club during a festival do) about the attendance only with of the representative. But the normal worship of each day is possible)       
◎ Founding festival [the date and time] Thursday, July 1, 2021 11:00 a.m.     o: Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu (Gassan top)
◎ Make a sacred bonfire with brushwood festival [date] Friday, August 13, 2021
◎ Motomiya festival [date] Saturday, August 14, 2021
◎ Closing a mountain festival [date] Tuesday, August 31, 2021
   (in this year, I can visit until 1:00 p.m. after the closing a mountain feast day)            
The hope of the charm mail adds money offered to God charges on each festival name and requirements note case, and please apply.
After each festival, soteichi will do charms each later.

About one, Hongu (Gassan top) of this year worship
[opening and shutting time]
The former opening of a gate time was until 17:00 than 5:00,
This year the opening of a gate time from 7:00 as until 16:00,
I shorten time and, taking the circumstances into consideration, accept worship.
But on account of the trips such as mutual financing associations of the opening of a gate overtime when wish to visit, please consult beforehand.
[prayer, memorial service]
About a prayer, the memorial service of the application of the public, the individual, I will serve it at any time as usual.
You mail it to next Yamamae beforehand by all means with the room of the date and time, or, about a prayer, the memorial service of the group (mutual financing associations), please apply by FAX.
(please refer to Gassan Shinto shrine 090-8921-9151, Hongu for the details.) 
[harai     Place]
I establish it as usual. In addition, the branding iron of the pilgrim's staff does the handling, too.
[the God bill conferment place] 
I reduce and establish it and confer only a charm lucky charm of the Gassan, and the sealed letter issued by a shogun comes to support the conferment only for paper.
But I confer the thing which had writing respectfully on the person who was able to receive a sealed letter issued by a shogun book newly. In addition, I perform sealing to a white coat (surplice) in this year.
In the case of the worship, I have you refrain from the infection concern acts and am careful about a cough etiquette, and I would like sterilization, the mask wearing of the fingers. In addition, please note that the Shinto shrine staff of the correspondence serves it by mask (gloves) wearing.
One, inquiry
◎Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office 
 Phone number 0235 (62) 2355 
 FAX 0235 (62) 2352    
◎Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu (Gassan top) 
 Phone number 090(8921) 9151 
 FAX 020(4662) 7036 
◎no shrine (8, Tsukiyama intersecting point, Japanese hotchpotch ka harasankagosho) out of the Gassan 
 Phone number 090(2367) 9037 
 (in 2021, there is no staying business as for the meal only as for the light meal)
※As you may not receive the FAX of Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu depending on weather and a line type, in that case, please transmit to the FAX of the shrine office. I would like transmission in next Yamamae with a time to spare.
I can pass the road in front of the Gassan park line (Hagurosan turnpike neighborhood) Gassan visitor center from this year. According to each place indication to inform you of, please give me the next mountain to the 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point through the road in front of a way via the Gassan ranch or the Gassan visitor center from Toge bypass. In addition, in the case of the use, please confirm it by all means as you decrease the number of flights of the bus service of the Gassan line of Shonai Kotsu from usual in this year.
I repeat it and, commencing with the worship to Gassan Nakano shrine, pray to confirm dehanesansanshinshatsukisangodenharasankagosho (there is no staying business in 2021 as for the meal only as for the light meal), each Gassan mountain hut in the case of the use by all means beforehand.
After consideration on circumstances, I would appreciate your understanding.

Dewa Sanzan Shrine
7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata
TEL. 0235-62-2355
FAX. 0235-62-2352
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