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News from Dewa Sanzan Shrine  

About the Seven-Five-Three Festival prayer
I deepen in autumn, and the mountains of Haguro begin to slightly change color day by day, too.
I reached 753 time, and children in a pretty kimono increased this year in the Mt. Haguro precincts.
The Seven-Five-Three Festival prayer in us goes all year, but gives good-luck candy to the child who was able to receive the Seven-Five-Three Festival prayer in particular when I run from October to mid-November.
I thank Ogami by the past growth of the child to 7 years old, 5 years old, a 3-year-old knot and wish it by healthy growth of the future.
※The Seven-Five-Three Festival prayer becomes money offered to God charges 3,000 yen ... like a general prayer. In a Shinto shrine, please write the full name of an address, a full name, the date of birth, your parents of the child on the predetermined paper. (I do not need a reservation)
Dewa Sanzan Shrine (Mt. Haguro)
The morning 8: 30 - afternoon 5: To 00
About the mail correspondence of a prayer, the lucky charm,
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