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Moon rabbit low dining table

Moon rabbit low dining table

The moon rabbit set


Old food culture to go to the world in Japan revives 


 To dishes to offer to sansantohaisha, I did not use the meat dish for stock at all once either. That was god of the mountain in disfavor with killing and to be to avoid anger of Buddha, and to pray for visit to Miyama of the safety. Even if, after all, it is seasoning, in the religions of the world, there is the thing not to use a knob, the dairy products of meat, an egg, fish at all, and "the month rabbit" is the dish which even people in what kind of religion can eat.
A great variety of seasonings overflow, and it goes away from a material original taste, and do you not enjoy a long time now original taste?




Inquiry, reservation


・Hagurosan Shinto priest-purification shelter TEL 0235-62-2357

・yudensansankagosho TEL 0235-54-6131


※It becomes 30 meals of daily limitation in a Hagurosan Shinto priest-purification shelter. Please give me the next mountain after an inquiry, a reservation beforehand

Dish photograph

Walnut tofu

Walnut tofu

I planted the tree of walnut which dietary fiber had abundant in the dorter which let tohaisha stay and attached a custard-like dish of ground chestnuts to a low dining table.
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