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visit to east depths

visit to east depths scenery

Guidance of visit to east depths

The trip that I who go with a Buddhist monk meet me
West visit to Ise, visit to east depths
 It was old, and both sides were done with one of the life courtesy that it was important to to visit under the pretense of "visit to east depths" in visiting east Dewa Sanzan "visit to west Ise" in visiting west Ise Grand Shrine.
 It is, and, in Dewa Sanzan opened more than 1,400 years ago by a bee child prince, gods of these Miyama are enshrined together in Dewa Sanzan Shrine of the Hagurosan by Hagurosan, Gassan, Yudonosan. I am known as a line place of the old mountaineering asceticism from ancient times, and it is believed as sacred mountain to serve as "mock death reproduction" (gishisaisei, once being dead, and reviving again) by people.
Putting "a mirror" in the legendary mirror-pond
 Pond itself was regarded as an object of worship, and the legend of a mirror-pond at the Haguro mountaintop has been believed in as the pond where Haguro God appeared. I write it as Haguro Shrine and read with "ikenomitama" and do it, and the people entrust a valuable copper mirror with a wish to miracle Arata kana God, and it is thought that I put it in the pond.
 "kyoike*betsu*kyo" revivified a custom to come from the Heian era in the present age. I am led to the precincts by the guidance of the Buddhist monk and am the special worship "only of visit to have you dedicate a mirror with a wish to east depths".
[enforcement period] From April 28, 2018 to November 18, 2018 [exclusion day] July 15, from August 26 to September 1
[meeting place] In front of Hagurosan mountaintop parking lot rest house

①kyoike*betsu*kyo (require reservation)
 visit to depths tour set of A course 7,800 yen 11:00 start east, with special Buddhist cuisine
 visit to depths tour of B course 6,800 yen 12:30 start east includes set
 visit to depths tour of C course 6,800 yen 14:30 start east includes set
 visit to depths tour set, dai々shingaku (7/1 - 8/6) of D course 12,000 yen 13:00 start east
 visit to depths tour set, dai々shingaku (7/1 - 8/25) of E course 12,000 yen 15:00 start east
※visit to east depths tour set: *kyoyokyo, water lily mirror, original sealed letter issued by a shogun book
※"The visit to east depths details" are this
※"The visit to east depths special plan application" is this
②I can accept it on the day of visit to ikenomitama praying 2,000 yen and am baby-sited mamajikaishikyoike*betsu*kyo, *kyoyokyo
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
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