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Hagurosan legend of a mirror-pond fence around a shrine dedication erection prospectus

Hagurosan legend of a mirror-pond fence around a shrine dedication erection prospectus

Dewa Sanzan is worshiped as sacred mountain to become quiet of the gods and Buddha from the earliest times as the mountains of line, the climax of purge, the climax of faith, and, as a hometown of the heart, Japan has the next mountain of the situation from the start from foreign countries.
As a pond and ghost Pond in mountains of the sacred mountain that the marsh retained spirit of the dead of God, I was targeted in the faith from the ancient times. Call in particular the rest room which there is before Haguro mountaintop Mikami enshrining of more than two deities with a legend of a mirror-pond as a pond projecting Haguro God to represent such a faith, in this miracle Arata kana pond in the Heian era Old; it is a place left for in the whole country more that a copper mirror was given. I surrounded it with the fence of the tree painted in red until now, but, around the legend of a mirror-pond of these 38 meters of east and west, 28 meters of north and south, am not permanent. I have gohosan where was full of the heart than all of you that faith is ardent as part of border maintenance and I change it into the fence which ticked away the name of hosansha and pray a stone when I want to keep proof of the faith to 3, Dewa god of the mountain for a long time.
In addition, the good reputation of various places of gohosan registers it in newssheet "Dewa Sanzan", and courtesy talks about singleness of heart for a long time.

Request (gyokukakimeikoku) of gohosan

More than one 250,000 yen (the small)   15 X 15 X 90㎝
It is (the inside) 18 X 18 X 100 more than one 500,000 yen㎝
It is 21 X 21 X 120 more than one 1 million yen (very much)㎝
It is 30 X 30 X 180 more than one 2 million yen (extra-large)㎝

Figure of fence around a shrine image, photograph

Application, inquiry

As I send a predetermined application, for the person who can have gohosan, please contact the following reference.
7, Toge, Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata 
Dewa Sanzan Shrine shrine office
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Dewa Sanzan Shrine
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