A meal and guidance of the staying

Appearance [Shinto priest-purification shelter] ... full of Shinto priest-purification shelter (feather 3, Kuroyama basket place) - tradition and the dignity



There are Mount Yudono Hongu foot, Otorii of senjin*chushajo aside,
The cold wind to call by whistling from the valley of Mount Yudono the sweat of the worshiper
He/she dries it.
sankago and the meal while I hear the sound of the swamp are particular.


godenharasankagosho (shrines in Tsukiyama)

There is it on foot from 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point parking lot to approximately ten minutes.
The moor called Midagahara is more than expanse, 130 kinds in the outskirts
An alpine plant grows in colonies.