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Mountains of line ... breathing in Mount Yudono Shrine - mystery

Mount Yudono Shrine Otorii
The October, 1993 completion
The ascetic practices that * 擻 (so) performed of Miyama in the times when Miyama was mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism were called "sansekisanto". In Tsukiyama, Amitabha (the past), Hayama and Yakushidake are considered to be The Buddha of Healing (the future), and the Goddess of Mercy lives in peace in the treasure cave of the Dainichi Buddha (the world that transcended Mitsuseki) of Mount Yudono by those protection and guidance through Mitsuseki of the past, present, and future, and Haguroyama gets myoka of the living body entering Nirvana (I attain realization with living). It is a statue of Dainichi Buddha and the thing that it realizes all in one body that it becomes the bare foot, and receive a climb to an object of worship. In addition, the imitation is not permitted from world reason, ancient times of God, and Mount Yudono does not establish the main shrine.
Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu
In Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu, I take off footwear on worship now and become the bare foot, and I receive purification, and the prayer is not permitted if not after. This world is separated precincts.
Line of a waterfall Shinto shrine and the waterfall
I appear in the basin of a waterfall of the waterfall Shinto shrine when I get off a ladder of iron of 90m from the rear of Mount Yudono Shrine. I drop suddenly, and I chew *, and, as for the waterfall, the torrent of the Sanskrit characters river streams down object of worship underarm of Mount Yudono Shrine. I saw this waterfall as God of Fire in old days, but see shallows texture Tsu Himekami now. 13 professional jesters are enshrined on the both sides of the interval to Shin-kyo Bridge by this waterfall, and sawakakeri keto says that circulation sees this professional jester. There are many Buddhist ascetics doing the line of the waterfall to the slush which I stick into skin in the midsummer.
Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu
It is more ceaseless than the eternal ancient times, and, in the bank, the secluded abode of wizards of the Sanskrit characters river running down Tsukiyama from lower rirukoto 8km, the top of Tsukiyama along a ridge to the west, there are daisan*shin, Mount Yudono Shinto shrine (1,100m) becoming quiet very much serpent command (the large country chief god), Sanshin of shohikomeishin as a symbol of the soul in reiiwa.
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
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