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[Gassan Shinto shrine Hongu]
There is a Gassan Shinto shrine in "omuro" of the top in a rare semicircular asupide type volcano in 1,984m above see level, the world, and the Gassan worships god of night. The faith of general public is ardent, and there is the Gassan concentration monument with the signature in 1368 of north and south morning service charges in Yamagata-shi including the Imperial Court from the times when it is old in Meishin Expressway big shrine getting on Engi era spirit in the principles of Yin and Yang death register made approximately 1,000 years ago and conveys that there was tohaikochu of one village more than 100 person. In a cause northeastern only offering from an official big shrine, I received the cordial treatment of the country.
The Shinto shrine attracts the faith of the mass of people as God of voyage fishing 澇 as agriculture God controlling water widely again.
[8, Tsukiyama intersecting point Midagahara]
It is a moor affecting the 1,400m above sea level neighborhood by mountain climbing bus from Haguro for approximately one hour.
It is in a field of flowers of the one side on a moor of the class of peat that I pile up without tens of thousands of years, and this moor was made without dry grass rotting for the cool altitudes at the time for from June to July. Small wetlands lie scattered and seem to see the rice-planting festival of gods. There is Tahara Shrine in the Midagahara center.
[Gassan Nakano shrine]
In Tahara Shrine of the Nakano shrine of the 8, Tsukiyama intersecting point, I worship strangeness Inada Himekami (comb yellowtail Himeno Cami) which is a wife of **koredammei here.
It is believed as the staple grains fertile god of marriage as a guardian deity of Inada.
(in the photograph right Tahara hut)
Dewa Sanzan Shrine
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